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Mindboggling mismanagement is leaving Colombia’s victims of Hurricane Iota without food and drinking water while diseases are spreading, health workers said Tuesday. Iota allegedly destroyed 80% of the homes and almost all of on Providencia island’s infrastructure on Tuesday last week. Far-right President Ivan Duque visited the island for a photo op the next day and appointed Social Prosperity chief Susana Correa to provide emergency aid and reconstruct the island within 100 days. basics Since then, Correa’s utter mismanagement has caused an acute health crisis, according to desperate locals and health who said dead animals are rotting, drinking water is unavailable, and locals and soldiers are left without biosafety equipment. Children and soldiers collect garbage without gloves or biosecurity elements, exposing their health. Correa has been pretending she was doing her job perfectly. “We made sure yesterday that all the inhabitants of Providencia and Santa Catalina are provided with food and water. We have 100% coverage,” Correa claimed on Monday. On Wednesday, the officials said the 5,000 locals received 12,000 liters of water over the past week. This is 0.3 liters of water per person per day.

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